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The bliss of a sunny January day in Penwith

We had some lovely days. Three altogether. A welcome break from the rain and storm we have been having  for months. It feels like that. So what better to do than throwing ourselves into the sea for a bit of wildswimming. Sea temperature is about 9 degrees at the moment and day temperature about the same, but no wind. Bliss

Battery 19120202And the afternoon was spent hiking along Gwithian Beach.  Miles and miles of golden sand and looking across the bay to St.Ives Gwithian 19120201There is so much to see and do in Penwith in the winter month.


People walk past them all the time. Invisible.  But this bollard reminds us of Penzance’s historic past. It combines the mining and harbour history and tells us that Cornwall recycled and reused long before it became fashionable. It used to be part of the machinery that was used in the tin mines. When it became redundant it was turned into a bollard. You see them all over Penzance, St. Ives and Hayle – but not in Mousehole. They have the old granite ones. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The calm after the storm

The storm has blown over and we have a calm window .  For a few hours we can enjoy the sea, sunshine and walking along our promenade.  Make the most of it, because tonight it is going to be wet and windy again today

December in Cornwall

We had a couple of very nice days  here in deepest Cornwall. It has been cold, but the sun was shining and hardly any wind. Perfect days to visit Cornwall for hikes along the beach or moors or if you really hardy for a swim  in the sea.

Wir  haben ein paar richtig schöne Tage zur Zeit in Cornwall . Es ist kalt. Frost jeden Morgen, aber die Sonne scheint. Perfekt um Cornwall zu besuchen. Vielleicht am Strand spazieren gehen oder über unsere Heide Landschaft zu wandern.  Penwith Moors. Sunny Battery 212191

Christmas 2019 Free Guided Tours

26th, 28th Dec 2019 and 1st January 2020

FREE guided walking tours of Penzance.

Meet outside the train station  at the big planter for 10am start. No booking required.  A fun time to spend Christmas time out and about and learn all the bits and pieces you don’t find on apps on maps about Penzance.

If the weather is doubtful just give a shout to find out if the tours are running. 07919681535

Dolphin Pub

There is so much to tell about this ancient tavern

There are always some

                                          A lovely group. A mix of locals and visitors who participated really well.


You will always recognise me with my pink bag and rainbow hat

Wild & Sea Swimming in Penwith

Swimming in the wild outdoors must be the fastest growing sport in the last couple of years. Swimmers travel to far away places to test their endurance. From extremely cold to extremely hard to reach or long swims.

We are lucky in deepest Cornwall that the water temperature never falls much lower than 5 degrees Celsius  and that is in March. There are many Wild/Sea swimming Groups in  Cornwall and when you visit our lovely  county, whatever the time of year, go and join some of these mad people. Please don’t try in on your own.

In Penzance at Battery Rocks, in front of our famous lido which will reopen this summer after the long repairs to the damages that occurred during the disastrous storm in 2014

repair lido 514b

Damage to our Lido 2014

from day break to dusk, all day long, weather permitting. Different swimmers meet up to swim these beautiful waters.  Sometimes they are joined by seals, jelly fish or star fish.


Giant Jelly Fish in Mount’s Bay

Battery Belles is the 11 o’clock group. Mostly women, mad as hatters, but very friendly. They all swim in cossies, but don’t mind anybody joining them in a wet suit. Or male. Be prepared for some banter and cake. And sometimes the air is blue – especially during the winter month. Their language can be quite colourful.


Rough at Battery

When it is too rough to swim at Battery Rocks the swimmers relocate to the harbour , tide permitting. The harbour is and always will be the second choice. It is much safer to swim,  but also a bit dirty and not so clear.


Penzance Harbour


colourful dive 2011151

Colourful Dive

There is so many beautiful beaches and coves to swim in Cornwall. Lifeguard cover is from Easter to September. Not all beaches have lifeguard cover. Make sure you are safe. Inquire how safe it is to swim and listen to the advice to the people who know. Never swim on your own. Make sure somebody knows what you doing where. But do enjoy our beautiful waters.

sea 201015






February in Penwith Cornwall

The weather is a fickle thing in Cornwall. A year ago Cornwall was battered by storm and a lot of damage was done to property, rail line, promenades and our lovely Lido in Penzance.

This year is so different. Cold frosty nights and lovely sunny days, sometimes with a biting wind forcing the temperature down, but when you get out of the wind – it is like a summer’s day.

2013-02-16 12.59.09Camelias in all different colours are flowering everywhere.

Everything is so early this year. Fields of Daffodils left to flower,because they have opened too far to be picked for sale.

Hiking along the SWCP is a joy. The clear air makes it possible to see for miles. (Don’t forget to apply sun lotion – the sun can burn already )2013-03-17 10.33.51Enjoy your time during this lovely weather in February. There is so much to see and do early in the year in Cornwall.




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