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February in Penwith Cornwall

The weather is a fickle thing in Cornwall. A year ago Cornwall was battered by storm and a lot of damage was done to property, rail line, promenades and our lovely Lido in Penzance.

This year is so different. Cold frosty nights and lovely sunny days, sometimes with a biting wind forcing the temperature down, but when you get out of the wind – it is like a summer’s day.

2013-02-16 12.59.09Camelias in all different colours are flowering everywhere.

Everything is so early this year. Fields of Daffodils left to flower,because they have opened too far to be picked for sale.

Hiking along the SWCP is a joy. The clear air makes it possible to see for miles. (Don’t forget to apply sun lotion – the sun can burn already )2013-03-17 10.33.51Enjoy your time during this lovely weather in February. There is so much to see and do early in the year in Cornwall.




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