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Silly Thoughts #rammkatze

#rammkatze original blog #sillythoughts made me sit up. Properly because the ‘porn’ and ‘prostitute’ appeared in the first line. When reading it I realised that he was comparing it to ‘food’ and what he had done professionally. Actually a very good idea, except did he have to use the word ‘porn’? Hand how did he get past all the security on all the pcs and laptops etc? How did he get past #blogging101? And why was I so interested in reading it? Did the word ‘porn’ draw me in? Something dark and illegal? Very bad taste? There we go again the link to ‘food’. Was he playing Devil’s  Advocat? And with that I leave you. Read his blog #sillythoughts and make up your own mind

Penzance has so much to show and tell

I am the walking tour guide of beautiful Penzance town, Cornwall, UK.  My adopted home town has so much more to show than you can find on apps and maps. I have a deep knowledge of the history, anecdotes and legends of this historic town. Pirates and smugglers once ruled this coast and had highflying jobs in town and county. You never guess what the most smuggled item was. I will tell you when we look at pictures of bygone times and the chimney where ‘apparently’ contraband was burned.  Just being fascinated by Penzance and Cornwall’s history turned into a passion when I suddenly had the chance to use all this knowledge and turn it into my own business.  After being hit by redundancy and early semi retirement I had this light bulb moment to become a  tour guide. For me the history of Penzance is a bit like chocolate – I always want more.  So now I am happy to talk about Penwith, Tintagel, Falmouth, St.Michael’s Mount. Mining, fishing and agriculture. And I do it all again – in German


My dream reader

My tour will take you along the front of Penzance, along the ancient harbour that dates back to Henry VIII. It was busy in bygone days, but now only the inner harbour is full of boats moored up forever and ever it seems. We turn inward towards St.Antony Gardens now, where the remains of the old chapel were used in the building works. From there we will walk up our famous Chapel Street, which came 3rd a couple of years ago in ‘Quirkiest Shopping Street in UK’ a reward from the Urban Society. Walking up the street you will see why it is to liked by the visitors. We have to cross the road to stand in front of our Market House a grade 1 listed building, which used to house the market inside and outside. Now it is leased by Lloyds Bank.

Behind the building is our famous scientist.He invented many chemicals. A born and bred Cornish man

We are looking down Market Jew street, the main shopping street of Penzance. It has lots of charming buildings some dating from 1799.  Market Jew street has nothing to do with Jews, but originates from an old Cornish word meaning Market on Thursday.

After this description of my tour I hope you want to hear more and see the photos from bygone days.

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